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Nexplanon® is an innovative contraception option that offers convenience, practicality, and effectiveness. At the Jersey Women’s Care Center in Fair Lawn and Jersey City, New Jersey, Dr. Elizabeth Ramirez and Dr. Huiying Hou offer a range of contraception options and work with you to determine the right choice to suit your individual needs. To learn more about the Nexplanon birth control arm implant, call Jersey Women’s Care Center or book your appointment online.

Nexplanon Q & A

What is Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is a hormone-secreting form of birth control. The small implant is discreetly placed under the skin of your inner, upper arm. The Nexplanon implant is a small, thin, plastic, flexible rod that releases a low, steady dose of hormone to thin the lining of the uterus and thickens the cervical mucus.

How is Nexplanon implanted?

Your Jersey Women’s Care provider evaluates your overall health and determines the appropriate timing for the insertion of your implant, based on your previous method of birth control and your menstrual cycle. You might need to take a pregnancy test before implantation and use a non-hormonal backup method of contraception for one week following implantation.

During a simple visit to the Jersey Women’s Care Center, your provider can place your implant. The procedure itself only takes about a minute or two. You lay on your back and position the arm that will receive the implant near your head and bent at the elbow.

Your provider locates a groove between your triceps and biceps muscles on the inner side of your upper arm before injecting a local anesthetic. Your provider uses an applicator to gently insert the device just under your skin.

You and your provider feel your arm to confirm the implant is properly in place. If necessary, you might also have an ultrasound or X-ray to confirm the device has been inserted properly. Your doctor covers the insertion site with a small bandage and may apply a pressure bandage to minimize any bruising.

When should the Nexplanon implant be removed?

The Nexplanon contraceptive implant can prevent pregnancy for up to three years. Your implant must be removed and replaced at the three-year mark to continue offering you protection from pregnancy.

Your implant can be removed at any time in a quick five-minute in-office procedure. If you’d like, a new device can be implanted as soon as your original device is removed.

What are the benefits of Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is an excellent choice of birth control that offers many benefits, including that it:

  • Can be removed at any time and allows a quick return to fertility
  • Eliminates the need to interrupt intercourse for contraception
  • Doesn’t contain estrogen
  • Is highly effective
  • Is discrete

When it’s implanted, Nexplanon can be seen with an X-ray. This is useful for checking on the location of the implant. Nexplanon is a great choice if you think you might not remember to take a daily pill.

Find out more about Nexplanon and if it’s right for you. Click to use the online scheduler or call Jersey Women’s Care Center today.