New Jersey Women’s Care Center

Urodynamics Studies and Sling Procedures

Urodynamics studies involve a series of tests performed to determine the cause of urinary or bladder symptoms such as urinary incontinence or urinary frequency. These conditions may develop as a result of bladder, urethra or sphincter problems, nervous system malfunctions or medication side effects. They may be correctable with certain medications or with surgical procedures such as a vaginal sling.

Why do you need a Urodynamic Study?

  • Your bladder may not empty completely
  • You may be incontinent
  • Your urine stream may be intermittent or weak
  • You may have symptoms such as the frequent need or urge to urinate
  • You may have persistent urinary tract infections

Therapy for urinary incontinence may consist of behavioral modifications, pharmacologic treatment, or surgical management. Women with stress incontinence can be treated by using any of these methods, while those with urge incontinence respond best to behavioral techniques or medications. One of the more common surgical procedures for stress incontinence is a sling procedure, also sometimes called a tension-free vaginal tape (TVT), which our physicians can perform.